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Why a Hybrid Model?

As a Cash Based physical therapy practice, we are already innovating outside of an existing broken model, providing 1-1 quality care without the middle man or an insurance company interfering with your care or your rehab.

I loved the cash based model for this reason, because it allows me as a physical therapist to work directly with you, align your care with your goals, and not only treat any injuries, but prevent injuries. I want to be in a wellness model, that prevents injuries down the road, not a disease model that treats them. Insurance companies aren't particularly interested in preventative care (with some rare exceptions).

I think that 1-1 care is excellent, because I get to attend to you for a full hour, learn your body, provide cues and education, and some amazing hands on therapy to help promote tissue change.

It's been a huge success for me and for my clients, but I've also found that there's a certain limitation to just one on one sessions. I only have so many hours in a day, and more importantly so do you; you can only make time to leave work, the kids, the house, so many times a week.

And in the grand scheme of your life, the 1 hour that you spend with me is minuscule compared to the other 167 you have in a week. When it comes down to recovery, rehab, I'm merely a conduit that supports you in making the big changes you need.

So I wanted to do something different, to help my clients with those other hours in the week, beyond a home program of "do these 4 exercises a day." People get bored with 4 exercises, and if we're treating the whole of you, it's hard to train all the joints you need with so few exercises.

So I came up with something better, that helps with accountability, that fits into your schedule, and still has diversified exercises to meet your goals: The Hybrid Model.

The Hybrid Model breaks down into three general groups

6 in person visits + 3 months of programming: Building the Basics

8 in person visits + 4 months of programming: Mastering the Basics

14 in person visits + 6 months of programming: Long Term Recovery & Sports Performance

With my hybrid model, I still start with the hands on 1-1 care, to get to know you, to build trust, and to build a strong foundation for you and your body. However, once there's a strong foundation, I've incorporated 4 week online training programs, with videos, cues for each exercise. What's better is that it's not just a script for exercise; you can upload videos of you performing your activities and the program, you can provide feedback about sticky spots, and it's live. I can see those videos, update and tweak the program as needed, and we can share a bi-weekly phone call to check in.

I've found the hybrid model works really well for my busier clients. You still get the one on one care you need, with hands on manual therapy, and the exercise prescription and expertise, but with more accessibility, because you can do your program at home, or at the gym.

It also works well for my sports performance folks, who are already at the gym pretty regularly, because rather than re-inventing the wheel, I'm adding some tweaks to your existing program to optimize performance.

The hybrid model makes sure you still get the care you need, the professional experience of a doctorate of physical therapy, with accountability and flexibility that helps you meet your sports performance and rehab goals.

I absolutely still offer in person sessions, because I love the work, and plenty of patients succeed with them, but I really see the most success with the hybrid model because it empowers you to take more control of your program, and wean off of needing me.

If you're curious about working with me, shoot me an email at jj@theembodiedphyzio, and we can get started on reaching your goals!

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