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Our Unique Approach, With You at the Center

We offer a unique perspective of movement, recovery, and emotional content. The Cartesian Split was posited in the 1600s, and has ingrained the idea that the body operates separately from the mind and spirit (let alone mention of the emotions). However, the nervous system and the mind are continuous with our tissues, and trying to separate the mind from the body is like trying to split water from wet.

Our approach holds that when symptoms manifest in the body, it can come from a biomechanical place (I tripped and rolled my ankles). However, we also consider that that deeper emotional and spiritual patterns of holding can reflect as holding in the body. Our practice works to address injury, discomfort, and movement. Western medicine can narrow in on specific focuses, on specific etiologies, and can fail to see the whole person. That's why we orient our care around you, your lifestyle, and your goals. If you want PT where someone works on you 3x a week and that's it, we're not the place for you. We're here to change the way you move and the way you think about your body, so you're empowered to meet your goals for the rest of your life.

Now Launching: Hybrid Programs

We're super excited to be redefining what physical therapy means. We firmly believe 1-1 sessions are so important, but for many of our athletes, it takes long term training to truly return to sport. That's why we designed our hybrid programming, with in person sessions to get the hands on care you need, and monthly virtual programming and videos; the expert, delivered straight to your home.

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